We Deliver More than Just Medications

For our patients who have trouble getting around town, new moms who are at home taking care of a new baby, and those who may be ill and just don’t feel well enough to make it out, we offer free grocery delivery along with your medications. You stay home and take it easy.

If you’d like to order groceries along with your medication, please fill out the form below. We accept online orders on Mondays through Friday and will deliver within 24 hours of your placed order (during business hours).

Our free grocery delivery program is in its early stages of development, and we are currently only delivering groceries and medications for free to homes and businesses in the 15234 and 15228 zip codes. We hope to expand our delivery area soon, so please feel free to check back in as the program grows.

Try Our Free Grocery Delivery Service Today

  • Your Prescription Information

  • If you are refilling a prescription, please include that refill number here. If you have had a prescription phoned, faxed, or emailed in from a doctor's office or have dropped it off yourself and wish to have it delivered along with a grocery order, please indicate that here.

  • Your Grocery Selection

    There is no charge for prescription delivery and no additional charge for grocery delivery, either. At the moment, our program allows for the selection of up to twelve (12) products to be delivered to your home along with your new prescription or prescription refill.

    We offer the Shop N' Save Essential Everyday product lines. In the case that there is no Shop N' Save Essential Everyday line of products for a particular category, we choose the generally accepted generic or lowest priced (non-clearance) item.

    Please select up to twelve items to be included with your free prescription delivery. Medications + groceries will be delivered within 24 hours of the placement of an online order during our normal business hours (no deliveries on Sunday).

  • Breakfast Items

  • Lunch and Dinner Items

  • Beverages

  • Additional Details

  • Sometimes, a particular item or brand may be out of stock. If you wish, we can use our judgement to find a similar product, which may be different in both content and price.
  • Please include any food allergies that you or your family may have:
  • Please include any special order or delivery instructions here. We try our best to accommodate our customers' unique needs. Sometimes, depending on our volume, we cannot guarantee and may not be able to honor special requests, although we'll try our best when we can.


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