Are you going through a lifestyle change? Any transition at home, in the family or with your career can cause issues with your mental and physical health. Anxiety, depression and nervousness are more common than ever, particularly when people are dealing with changing life situations that put them under an intense level of stress.

Changes in Rx = Changes In Lifestyle

And vice-versa. One major change that can go along with all of this is your Rx plan. Any time your plan changes, your lifestyle can change too. You could visit a physician or specialist for this. But do you have the time to take on costly co-pays for this type of support? This is where Kevin’s Pharmacy comes in by offering health coaching.

The toughest part of seeing a PCP is actually taking the time to schedule time around their day and yours to sit down and see them. Now imagine how it easy it would be to stop by Kevin’s Pharmacy during your weekly grocery store trip to Shop N’ Save.

Take Advantage Of Your Time

This is an opportunity to use your time wisely to seek expert advice on your Rx and how sudden changes in your lifestyle could make a difference. It should not be confused with seeing a doctor for certain health ailments that require medical attention. Patients who are at risk of chronic illness or non-adherence such as elderly or those on psychotropic medication can benefit from a pharmacist helping to cover the gap in the doctor’s recommendations by helping the patient make the necessary lifestyle changes in health behaviors one needs.

Adherence For High-Risk Patients

Adherence is an issue your pharmacist can help with. And it’s an underrated reason why certain patients do not get the health care they fully deserve – they are In a recent study, 40% of patients did not adhere to their doctor’s recommendations, and another 35% neglected to follow through with physical therapy directives, and total nonadherence to physician-recommended changes in lifestyle habits was 70%.

Come into Kevin’s Pharmacy at your local Castle Shannon Shop N’ Save and see how your pharmacist can also be your health coach today!


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